Flora and Fauna is a labor of love from women who are committed to uplifting, empowering, and taking care of other women.

What is it

Flora & Fauna offers a range of USA-made beauty products, from facial creams and serums, to cuticle oil and room spray. Why? Because no detail is too little to be overlooked when it comes to nurturing your inner goddess, right down to your cuticles or the air you breathe. Our aim is to make women feel divine, daily. Our available products are a reflection of that. We believe that beauty starts from within, and is mirrored on the outside. When you nurture your inner goddess and let her shine through, it shows for the whole world to see. You are naturally captivating. We’re just here to help you love the skin you’re in and flaunt your fresh face.

Our inspiration

Flora and Fauna grabs its namesake from two Roman Goddesses. Flora is the goddess of flowers, spring and youth. Fauna is the nurturing goddess of wildlife, fertility and animals. These two figures embody our brand perfectly because not only do we uphold the sense of integrity by offering products formulated with botanical and natural ingredients, but we are also vegan and cruelty free. We want our products to be as good for the earth as they are for you. We focus on using quality ingredients — concentrated plant extracts and oils, so you can see the difference. No harsh chemicals, no sulfates, and most importantly no harm done to you, animals, or the earth. Our goal is to be just as nurturing with our products, for everyone, as our namesake Roman goddesses.

Why we do this

We are a group of young, dedicated, women of color with a vision. Flora and Fauna is a labor of love from a collaborative group dedicated to empowering entrepreneurial change. We work together to uplift each other daily, in our work and personal lives, and wanted to have a product that could extend that bit of love to every other woman out there. One particular way we are able to help other young women like ourselves is by focusing on other budding entrepreneurs and bringing them closer to success. Which is why a portion of proceeds from the sales of our product are reinvested into underserved communities, and the brilliant minds that live in them, by way of partnerships with programs with over 40 years experience helping bring young entrepreneur’s dreams to life. This is one more way Flora and Fauna strives to take care of your inner goddess — mind, body and soul.

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